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Family training for Internet safety! Not just Internet safety but technology safety. Internet safety and technology safety are overwhelming subjects to learn, implement, and maintain. Family internet safety has too much information, that is constantly changing, to just think you have it all covered with a few simple clicks. There is understanding, planning, conversation, implementing, and then it changes and you have have to do it all over again. Well, not really all over again but, it is ever changing with some technology falling away and new technology coming in. It's not just safety on the Internet, it's safety using all technology, with mobile phone (smart device), tablet, desktop computer, laptop computer, Windows or Mac, and game consoles (x box, playstation, wii). You need to implement this technology safety not just on your kids devices, but on your devices, grandparents devices, and other family members. It's also smart to talk with your child’s friends parents and let them know what you've learned, how you keep your child safe on the Internet and with all technology and, how you would like them to implement the safe ideas when your child is at their house. The more families that are involved with Internet safety and technology safety, the better.

There is a lot of talk about Internet safety and being safe with technology devices but not how to implement, step by step the safe procedures. Most websites talk about why you want to have a filter in place, what monitoring is or, what kids are doing on social media. Now go do it. How? Most people are not tech savvy, at all, not even close. They get confused by the second sentence because they don’t understand the verbiage. So they say, “My child is good. They won’t get into that stuff. They will be OK.” Sorry, no, they will get into something, come across something they shouldn’t or what you don't really want them to get into. Now there is no good excuse to start protecting your family from the dangers of the Internet through any type of technology. Unfortunately, there is no way to make anything 100% safe. It takes first, you as the parent to learn and continue learning all you can about Internet safety and technology safety. You need to teach your children how to use the Internet safely and technology safely.

The information of technology safety practices, technology safety instructions, technology safety articles, technology safety videos, and technology safety guidelines within this web site are recommendations of how to use or not use technology to keep yourself and your family safe. All of the technology safety information we provide can not be used for one person or family. Just like discipline, everyone and situation is unique. One technology safety technique will work perfectly for a certain person but NOT work at all for another, just like disciplining your child, giving one child time out may be a suitable consequence while the next child will not be phased by that consequence at all. Speaking of discipline, we need to learn the discipline of technology safety. The word discipline, in the old days, meant a field of study or training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character. We need to discipline ourselves in the correct way to use technology and teach our children how to discipline themselves how to use technology correctly.



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